3 November 2014
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Now in Valhall Times : The Record Stands at 17bill
  Yes (61.54)%
  No (38.46)%
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Did you enjoy playing last set?
Poll info - 78 votes Yes (61.54)%
No (38.46)%

made by Nabata
at 05/01/2009 06:01

Why DO you(the players) vote in the game awards.
Why dont you visit the forum?
What kind of games do you prefer?
How about this one?
Do you like this poll better than the last?
Do you think we should refresh our polls more often?
Would you use a Valhall Chatroom?
Which server should be dropped (removed)?
Do you visit the Valhall Forums?
Are you playing the Clan Competition?
Which server do you like the most?
Are you competiting in the BotKT?
Do you play Classic Battle?
How would you rate this years Clan Competition?
Which VT articles do you appreciate most?
Do you play the Clan Competition?
What server do you like most next to Strategy?
Are you gonna enjoy your December Holidays?
Would you play a server with sets of 3 months?
What about the new server Gauntlet Promisance?
The last poll showed that you players aren't enjoying BOTK, have you been on the FORUMS to suggest changes to make it more enjoyable???
Are you enjoying BOTK so far?
Will you play the Battle of the Kings tourney in September?
What do you think this set will present?
Who will top it on Strat this set?
How would you rate the skill level at Valhall?
Which server do you think will be the most exciting this set?
How would you rate the new code changes for encouraging clan playing in strategy?
How would you rate the Valhall Times?
Are you enjoying the CC
Are you looking forward to the CC?
Do you read the Valhall Times?
How high is your IQ (HONESTLY) ?
How high is your IQ?
How old are you?
Do you have a clan for the CC in March already?
How did you find Valhall?
How long have you played on this server??
Will you compete in Clan Competition in March?
How would you rate Valhallgames.net ?
Where did you celebrated New Years eve?
Did you vote for the Top 10 best players already?
Fireworks, gotta love em so blow away?
Has mage became to weak at Strategy?
Who Will Win
Do you use the Forums?
What do you think of the clan play?
Where will you be for X Mass
How do you feel about abortion?
What is Most Popular Race in Strat?
What is your favorite gamestation?
Which Lay out do you prefer?
Will it be BP or DOTG who maxes it in strat this set?
who is going to win this strategy set?
How do you like the new Pillage attack in Strategy?
what did you do when valhall was down?
What do you think of ppl calling themselves clans, but not actually clanning?
Will you play Battlefield after modifications have been made?
What kind of Tournament should be next?
Which server do you prefer?
How often do you visit ValhallGames.net ?
Which strategy will win the BotKT?
What do you consider the most important indication of skill?
Which server are you from?
Which players will dominate in the Tournament?
What are you expectations for the
What are you going to do next set?
do you get burned when ur in the sun?
What about the `Battle of the Kings Tournament`?
What about your (foster)parents?
Would you mind if your girl/boy friend is bi-sexual?
Do you make enough cash to satisfy ur needs?
What about (soft)drugs?
Have you had a summerflirt yet?
What is the summerhit of this year?
Which Dancestyle do you prefer?
Which Admin do ya like most?
Do you want the playerrecords back?
What new server u want?
Who will win the final match of the EC of Soccer?
Who is going to win the EC of Soccer?
Who is going to win the EC of Soccer?
Which minigame is the most fun?
Who do think is going to win the EC match-up between
What strategy do you like best?
Should we have a vote system at the mainpage?