22 February 2005
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  Yes. (45.71)%
  Sometimes. (37.14)%
  No. (11.43)%
  What is the Valhall Times? (5.71)%
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Welcome traveller!

  Welcome to Valhall, a realm of many fun and wonderful worlds.
This is a realm filled with honour, glory, magic, power, and pride.
Journey throughout these lands to find your destiny.

  Perhaps you are called to Valhall Promisance,
three seperate and unique worlds. Create an empire and strive to become the greatest, reigning above all others.
Fight with nobility and honour and you may win here.
Do not look here for an easy path to fame and fortune,
as you will be overwhelmed by those who seek the same as you.

  If war and combat is not your forte, travel to the mean streets
of New York City and enter the dark world of the druglords in
Dope Wars. Make a name for yourself by buying and selling drugs to become the most powerful drug warlord in town.

  But drugs and war might not suit your style. Not sure where to start? Start at the humble forums and find your calling.
Come and chat with the guys and ladies.
Make some new friends and you might just be coaxed into joining our games.

  You have come long and far in your journey,
but your story is not yet at its end.
Indeed, it is just at its beginning. Stay here and make a name for yourself.
So, without further delay, sign-up for your fate here at Valhall.