26 November 2004
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#12 (+/-) rating : 54
caesar: I would like to report a bug in the game his name is dragon.

By maw

#18 (+/-) rating : 25
this is true, north. you can`t make a fool out of him.
he does that on his own. ~ Starfire

By Dragon

#34 (+/-) rating : 19
Nobody dies a Virgin, because life screws us all.

By Frost

#43 (+/-) rating : 16
Justus your signiture photo looks really gay.
by new member: Grant Lee Buffalo

By South

#26 (+/-) rating : 13
bah, wont be my spiritual leader.
you just babble a bunch of nonsense. period.

yeah, and Ferret`s spiritual leader comes in the form of a little green plant, anyway.

By SmashZ

#31 (+/-) rating : 12
South you need to get off your knees and wipe your mouth you got a dangler

By: soljern

By setter

#32 (+/-) rating : 10
Good luck in school. I heard that relic will need far more than luck to make it. There may be hope for you, but I`ll give you a tip that will help you in your further careers. Memorize this statement. It will be something that you`ll be saying on a regular basis.

"Would you like fries with that?"

By: Deathknell

By setter

#16 (+/-) rating : 9
S`cuse me? If you`re gonna insult us, MBC, then learn to spell it, hm? I believe you meant `pissheads`, and if you wish to be taken seriously then try using a dictionary before you make a piss-poor attempt to stir up trouble. ~Dragoness

By SmashZ

#4 (+/-) rating : 8
"Of course if 10 minutes is considered a life time then you better quit masterbating your life away." - Laios

By SmashZ

#48 (+/-) rating : 8
[scorpion]"don you think this topic is a little old to reply ?"

[west]"Uhh sorry didn´t notice I geuss they banned me too long"

By South