11 March 2005
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#106 rating : 2
liveandletdie212: im gonna go fuckin shoot myself
NikeRessurected: that`s the solution for all you kids today

By setter

#105 rating : -3
Morningstar says:
well what has tim done that i havent?

Morningstar says:

Frostreaver says:

Frostreaver says:

By optimus

#104 rating : 1
Morningstar says:
poor lil ol tim tim got disabled
Morningstar says:
ill help ya out and try to get it lessened
Morningstar says:
and if anyone asks
Morningstar says:
your really really sorry
timmay says:
sorry for kickin the shit out off mawe
timmay says:
that penguin pisses me off so snug typin on his labtop

By optimus

#102 rating : 1
Drake says:
Awww I didn`t know you loved me that much.
Morningstar says:
well...in a purely heterosexual way maybe...
Morningstar says:
(left hug on MSN)
Drake says:
Hey wait why do I get the girl hugger?
Drake says:
(right hug on MSN)
Drake says:
And she`s black too.
Morningstar says:
well now, does that say somethin about msn?
Drake says:
Yeah it says they hate white boys.
Morningstar says:
and they like interracial relationships
Drake says:
Like Kobe.
Morningstar says:
Drake says:
Drake says:
Wasn`t the maid white?
Morningstar says:
probably mexican
Drake says:

By Dragon

#101 rating : 2
hahahah this is a classic topic.
It shall go down in history.
"The topic where everyone except Darf was gay"

--quote by Morzan. submited by samoht

By samoht

#99 rating : 0
anarchysoldier:yeah, im gay, so what?
morningstar:you make people think i am.
anarchysoldier:well, just because your strait, and im gay, dosent mean anything.
black knights:im gay too!

By optimus

#98 rating : -1
Black Knights "*prays* god please let joey enjoy his but fucking session with alex...let him not regret it and turn around and then fuck alex in his ass too and also god, please blind me for the next hour, in jesus name, amen"


By anarchysoldier

#97 rating : -4
samoht9: dude, half of the quotes in there are about gay sex
This Guy Is Loki: I know.

(AIM convo between EoA and samoht)

By samoht

#96 rating : -1
samoht9 [8:23 P.M.]: sup, cookie monster
This Guy Is Loki [8:23 P.M.]: Nada Liberace
This Guy Is Loki [8:23 P.M.]: You>?
samoht9 [8:23 P.M.]: hey! i`m not THAT gay.
This Guy Is Loki [8:23 P.M.]: Ok ok
This Guy Is Loki [8:23 P.M.]: Elton John**
samoht9 [8:23 P.M.]: thanks.

(Covo betweeen me(End of ALl) and Samoht)

By endofall

#95 rating : 3
From Bash.org (IRC quote)

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?!
glome stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
Who me?!
Yes you!
Couldn`t be!
Then WHO?!!
Woody stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
*** glome has been kicked by DrWoody (fuck you i didn`t touch the motherfucking cookie, b*tch)

By endofall