14 January 2005
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  Yes! (58.70)%
  Probably... (23.91)%
  Don`t know yet... (8.70)%
  No! (8.70)%
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Welcome to the world of Valhall Promisance!
a place of Strategy, Magic, Honour and Deceit.

Your goal is clear and straightforward:
  • to become the strongest player of Valhall!
The path to success is difficult, long and devious,
but if you have the determination and the courage, you will succeed.

Others will gladly obstruct your path to glory by any means necessary.
Overcome them and you shall reign as the glorious victor.
How this is done will be up to you.

Through your choices, your empire may prosper or perish.
Perhaps you will you choose the way of the mystic arts
to obliterate your enemies.
Or perhaps you prefer to use mighty armies to rampage
through their lands. If these ways become too harsh,
you may choose a more diplomatic path.

Become a merchant and prosper from other's wars and thus use your wealth to train forces and expand your power.

There are many races throught the land:
  • There are Elves, strong in magic.
  • The mighty Dwarves, built for war.
  • Or Humans who major strength is a lack of weaknesses.
Many more strong and strange races inhabit these lands.
What people will you choose to lead?

Diplomacy may be the key to your victory. Join a clan for protection, or lead one of your own. Many choice lay ahead of you.

The fate of the world is in your hands. What you do with it is now up to you ...