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Is ZAP! really that bad?

Interview by : ttc85 at : 22:07:06 05/10/2003

Some people feel that the new clan Zap is here for some other reason then to just have fun, is this the case?

Upon an interview with them, we at 'The Valhall Times' do not think so, and here is what a few of there members had to say:

Udu (Leader of ZAP!): We just wanted to go play as a team on the valhall server, as we are normaly killing each other on the local server. I am sure that we will be on an off the server over the next cople of months we are hopeing to get into some big wars especially with the 500 turns you get. We all play on our local south african,server and about 2 days before the end of your set we decided to get all the better players together and see how we could rip it up at Valhall.

Me, Trace, ank and some others have played on Valhall before, but never in a big team.

Do you like 'Valhall Promisance'?

Hell yeah! I like the changes which has been implanted on your server, especially the labour, man huts are useless on QMT!

Another member had this to say this:

Sarth (Member of ZAP!): Clan ZAP! constists of a few of the regular members of ZA Promisance. We came to Valhall purely because we all enjoy Promisance, and like the extra features that Valhall has to offer (We're not here to ruthlessly attempt to take over or anything. Well maybe just a little, eh) but rather to improve our gameplay by playing with new people who have different skills than us. So far we've had a fairy warm reception, with only a few inccidents where people perhaps feel threatened by us, ie, like we're here to take over. This is not the case, as I stated above, and perhaps you can stress that for us.

Our local promisance has a large user base, and we're constantly taking on new players and teaching them the ropes. We hope that the vets (and the noobs) of Valhall can see this as an oppertunity to learn, make new friends, and have fun, as that's what we're always looking to do.

This is what they had to say, now what they are really here to do, we leave that decision up to you. I personally am glad to have a bunch of new players here!

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