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Satan & Tiax innocent?

Interview by : gradmin at : 13:53:35 27/09/2003

We all know the story about Tiax and Satan's Helper, but is it true? Or did someone tampered with the evidence? Satan's Helper tells us his theories about the case in an exclusive interview with 'The Valhall Times'....

Maybe this interview will bring us one step closer to the truth....

N: What do you think about this case?

'Well I see again I'm proven guitly before I can act hmm seems like i should live in germany.'

N: Well, You had the pass, your IP has been found, and you dont seem to make any problem out of it. Seems like a lot of evidence to me.

'Well seems to me admin kull has my IP and used it before, also I wasn't home at that time and I work unlike kull.'

'He also told me how he had done IP addys and makes it look like others' 'He knows all my passwords he was on my computer before and has access to it might be my mistake ever to let him do it but hell i thought he was trying to help me out and what I get a back stab for it.'

N: But you were the one with the access to West's account, you had the password!'

'Pass?, I never had a pass so whatever!'

N: But West said so!

'Like I said since day one in here Valhall has been on my ass so has Kull. West says so? I don't ever remember that if he did it wasn't to me. So I don't care only a damn game!'

N: Do you have anything to say for yourself?

'To many people are taking this shit to real like I said, whatever. I got a clear conscience and I will sleep very well.'

'Kull got his way to get me out. He used people to get what he needed, then trashed Valhall to get at Global, now he is trashing Global to get his own server and he thinks he won.'

'Looks a little odd to me playing 2 sides, he has access to all and I'm the one that gets the shit.
Little strange, I was in lawenforcement for 7 years and we worked by 'not guilty till proven',
but here its the other way around.'

'Think all you want, it is not hard to make it look like people do it. People do it all the time called IP-stealing and ID-theft.'

'It's still a war game, your against another. You know that. Unless you have a secure sever like credit cards the server will never be safe, too many things can and will go wrong.'

N: I see, but ingame there is a war, I don't think the servers Valhall & Global should have fights!'

'No they shoudln't, But I don't understand that whenever theres a problem I am the scape goat.'

N: Who do you think is responsable for the topic deleting?

'I have heard about a few people who may have done it. Then again its all hear say. So, I have no clue.'

N: Tiax?

'No, Tiax is being used again, I think.'

'Kull has had so many internal fights here, just like me. But he is a king now, I am still an ass. But hell, I got huge shoulders, and can take it.

'As far as tiax, I don't think he has done this. There are people out to hurt eachother, I think. To make others look bad for a short time then everything will be forgotten and everybody will move on. A big viacious circle, just like the worm virus, why must people do that?'

N: Any last words about this case?

'Like I said I'm not going to be railroaded for nothing, can't talk on the forums anymore. I can play the game. I'm already guilty and I got to prove my innocence, well I wonder why that is.'

N: Thank you for the interview, that would be all.

(For more information about the case, check the article 'Badger, Bulgary & Betrayal', if there are any changes in this case, Valhall times will keep you updated.)

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