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Upon, on how 420 SK goes!

Interview by : at : 17:25:23 20/08/2003

As promised here is the interview of the leader at 420 SK clan (from battle server).

As i walked in to the arena, Upon jumped off the battle vagon and casted the sadlings to a lil guy over at the stable. He had been racing his two horsed battlewagon around the areana.
Upon is a eger racer and does all he can to take a few laps a week.

"Well", i said; "not bad run there".

Upon took his steel helmet of as he walked towards me. "Nah, the horses aint in too good shape".

We walked over to the lil wood hut at the end of the arena. As Upon said here we can talk in peace.

I took my fether pen out from my backpack and looked towards he.

How where it that you inherret the leadership?
"Well, Sick and Twisted happend to be working alot during the summer. So once I had got my computer fixed, I had asked him if I could restart 420sk with his permission."

So he is just on a summer break here, and will be back?
"Yes. As I understand he will be back quite soon

Well, whats your goal by leading 420 SK?

What where your mening whit starting it up again?
"I wanted to dominant this set, and hopefully make some new friends. I wanted the 420SK name to stay fresh in peoples minds. Sorta like that of Dragon or BloodPack".

Well, 420 SK must be the clan I have seen around the moust, so thats not a bad idea.

Have you as leader been in the need of making any big desisions or does it run it self moustly?
"Ummm self mostly. I only ask 420SK members to do little things, and sometimes even kill".

Yeah I see you have 3 kills, what base where those kills made. On purly showing where the fence is or?

I heard galactins (#14), waged war agains your clan?
"Ha yes".

How did you take that?
"Well it was all because one of my members took more land than supposed too. I handled it in a very cival manor. I messaged Galactins and asked him to not hit my entire clan only those who created the problem".

As I got it Toran just whent around and killed Galactins?
"Yes, my fault".
"He took what i wrote the wrong way".

And that wherent intended?
"No not at all".
"It was completely accidental, it happened becuz I went to war with Galactians clan in order for a fight between the member and himself".

So you have some comunication problems whit them or you think it where purly a not wise choise of words in the message to Toran?
"Eh. The communication was fine, it was a complete misunderstanding".

Well do you still think you can finished at top rank now that Chad have moved in whit his clan?
"Yes very well i think".
"Myself and Chad are very good friends, and have established an alliance".
"Being that chad himself is an Ex-420SK member from sets ago".

So u think it's the kind of alliance that will stick?
"It will stick".
"And if not, oh well may the better clan win".

Well you have any want to add for teh VT's readers?
"Hm, well applications are still open".

And thats the final word from the arena. Lets wish him good luck and a nice race.

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