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Gamemaster about AS

Interview by : Chadmin at : 10:40:48 19/08/2003

I always thought AS was a thing of the past, so clearly I was quite surprised to find there name once more in the score list. Why did they return? For answers, always go the leader. Gamemaster.

"Why did you re-found AS? "

I’m finally getting back into playing promisance from my few month absence. I’m not the biggest fan of being clanless and missed my old clan. Allsquare hadn't been around for a while and I just wanted to show the world, we aren't dead lol.

"Does AS have any specific goals? "

Any specific goal eh. At this moment, nothing really, or nothing that I can see hehe. Were just out here to have some fun and do the best we can.

"Are there a lot of old AS'ers or are you aiming at new recruits? "

You will just have to wait until September for the answer to that one. This set I wouldn't mind some new recruits though. I always love having new players in the clan, especially new players. I enjoy trying to help them out, showing them how the game is played and what not.

"How do you think will AS do this set? "

As it stands, not very good lol. We have only 3 members as of this moment and there is only so much you can do. Not to mention, we started up during the set.

"Is this a one time thing or will AS return next set as well? "

I dunno about that, I don’t think a one time thing is very good but then again Im not sure if I will have the time. I guess I'll just reuse one of my answers, 'You will just have to wait until September for the answer to that one.'

"Do you have any enemies/allies, if so, who? "

Allies, yes, with AoE who I started this set in until I was killed. I have a lot of good friends in that clan and alliance was fitting. Enemies, none that I know of ...

"Are you confident that your leading skills have not diminished? "

To be honest, I’m not sure. It has been a while since I last ran a clan, let alone played. I’m a bit rusty but I am still confident in my abilities. I guess the only true way to answer this is, only time will tell.

"Any words you would like to give to the VT readers? "

Its just good to be back playing again.
There you have it, for more answers I'll just have to listen to Gamemaster: 'You will just have to wait until September for the answer to that one.'

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