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Server war?!

Interview by : gradmin at : 00:42:02 19/08/2003

Server war plans have been put back on the table. Questions are rising, when, where and when?
I asked a veteran who he thinks should be competing. Global's admin Shoot Me can't wait, so it is just waiting for the Valhall admins....

I asked a veteran about his thoughts about the server wars. Which 10 players would you pick?

'I think we need a few good indy's to have a chance of winning!' 'It is hard for me to pick'.
After a few minutes of thinking he comes up with the following names:

Chad, GM, Archmage, Laios, Coramoor, South, Nebulus, Jolumba, North and myself....

What about SmashZ?
'I don't think he wants to play himself'.

What about Unfair Justice?
'I dont think he is very good.'

What about West?
'He only really knows reseller, that wont come too much in handy in the server war. And with 2 gnomes on the same team there would be competition on the market.'

I ask Shoot Me the Global Admin about his thoughts about the server war:

What is going to happen?

'I don't know, haven't heard much about it lately.'

Who will be on the team?
'Thats still being decided...'

But who will certainly be around?
'Tiax and myself ofcourse.' 'I think Satan's helper, Tanson, Death, Oberon, ReDog will be around... to name a few.'

What about Kull?
'I don't know, that has to be decided by Global.'

But do you want him on the team, you as a person?
'Personally I dont know if I do... Im a little sceptical of him.'

So it is waiting for SmashZ, Chad or Gamemaster to tell us more about the server war plans. Let's just hope we can get one soon....

To be continued....

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