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Chad on the Forum changes

Interview by : ttc85 at : 06:46:16 25/07/2003

Chad, one of our beloved admins has changed around the moderation of the forums!

He explains why to us in this interview.
I found chad browsing around our newly changed forums, and asked him for an interview in why the moderation was changed and here is what he had to say.

So what was the point of giving all the mods equal reign?

Frequently when a mod got forums like "Suggestions", they complained due to lack of mod action and would rather mod something exciting, like Battle Forum or GD.

Also, I wanted more mods in the active forums. This seemed like a good way to solve many of the shortcomings of the previous setup.

So do you think that all the mods do there job well?

I think, across the months, some of the mods have been doing a less than admirable job from time to time. Perhaps I expect too much from my mods, but not only should they be active but should also lead by example, and try to spam less than the average poster on the forums. However, I do have several mods that do their job quite well.

I will be reviewing the mods performance from time to time.

Do you think the forums will be run more efficently like this as well or was this simply to get rid of complaining?

I'm hoping to achieve both. With a well-run forum, complaints are minimized.

But we want a blance between the stuffy atmosphere of QMT and the relative anarchy of Global
I think we've done that well and hope to continue to do so, even as our poster base increases

so do you have anything you want to add?

let the people know that if they have any comments or questions to contact me by PM's, AIM or MSN. All those can be found in my user profile on forum.
I will answer any Q's they might have.

I leave the forums with this new information for the people we now have a "Mod Team" to help with the forums expect a more efficent forums everyone.

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