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The Editors thoughts

Interview by : ttc85 at : 08:22:03 23/07/2003

I entered the news room with an idea to my editor and it struck his fancy so he agreed to let me interview him on his thoughts on how things were going so far with the valhall times

He told me that new features are on the way, so lets hear what he said.
So penta as the editor of the valhall times how do you think it is going so far?

"Well, the comments i have gotten tell me that it is fun to read, so i guess its going about as well as we thought."

"but there is less reporters active thatn i thought there be. but as its vacation i think it will get better."

So far who do you have as reporters?

"Well.. there is u, UJ, mally.. and i have yet to tell North he is."

"and as u prob know we wants every clan to be able to have a reporter that would be the forgain minister dude.. but this is yet to be implemented
but the clan will need to be of a serten size to get it."

So is there anything you would like to add to the valhall times?

"Well me and smash have some ideas, and we are to put em in but lack time.. so for now i guess it stays as it is."

Care to share some of those fearures?

"The new features is that every dead empire will show up with a tombstone as in a usual paper. if u get what i mean?! and the dead empire will get to sign it with a final comment."

Is there anything that you think the times is lacking in?

"Well the strategy war is kinda messy and wanted in the paper but our reporter UJ is in spain and so i guess we for now will have to read forums, but this will get better as teh vacations are over."

And what do you think is the strong point of the times?

"I would have to say battle coverage, i my self play battle and have kinda more ppl i talk to there.. i where killed in strategy and lost my conection there.. i have signed up but havent validated it yet. so yes battle is the strong point. but i assure u we will get it all coverd next set."

Do you think as time goes on more and more people will read the valhall times?

"Sure.. we have had the times for two weeks now and we have had about 50 readers a day. and i think its good but 100 would ben great."

Any closing comments?

"No i think that about covers it."

So i leave my editors office and run this right to the printing presses so that it can be in the next issue of the Famous Valhall Times.

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