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Story behind a war!

Interview by : at : 08:35:29 22/07/2003

Here is a lil how this war started between S&D and Infidelz.

The whole thing is about who stiked first. Well to find that out we need to know what is ment about strike.

AS Infidelz clames a first strike is a kill and S&D clames its first hit. We start of whit difficults.

However, the first strik where by Infidelz's member Toran (there facts is vage but after several tiems reading forum and other not to valid storys VT have come to that concution). And the fist kill as Infidelz got retaliated and shown to not mess whit S&D.

But in a interview whit Laios some days a go he clamed that a kill where made, to there is glips in his memory due to back tehn he said a S&D empire where killed by Infidelz but this is not correct as VT back tehn also stated teh first kill of a S&D where of clan Mc and Québec's Warlock (#25).

VT have come to the concution that S&D may have made war whit vage and fake evidence over a kill.

However the war is here and bough clan have come to the conclution that war is the best sulution, and will fight till the end of the set. So dont let us stop them.

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