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Ceasar, strikes again!

Interview by : at : 08:17:32 22/07/2003

Usualy i walk up to fokes asking for interviews... but it looks like the VT is getting popular. AS Ceasar comes to me whit his story.

Well its due to my 3 days after whit Ceasar too. (sorry for the delay on this where recorded last night).

"You might wanna check on the latest between infidelz and S&D!"

I do.. hm.. whats up?

"Check in 5 mins..."

3 mins later, Ceasar comes back.

"Infidelz just made 3 kills in the last 3 hrs.
"haha it ain't much but it now means we have evended the scores."

Here is how it whent off.

"Starfire brought laios down to 55 land then i killed him. I killed chad i believe the emire name was 40 ounce budweiser. Then Toran with an incy bit of my help killed Nebulus. And so far S&D have not killed any of us haha..."

He walks off prode whit a large smile...

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