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Laios, about the S&D situation

Interview by : at : 07:50:26 22/07/2003

Laios and his clan still have to put up sheild to prevent Infidelz and others to penetrate.

Well it have now been over 3 days since i interviewd Laios last time. And here is what he said last night.

So are S&D where you though they be back last i asked?

"Alive ;)"

"Our amount of enemies has increased but we hold our ground. We have added... i think 8 new enemies to the list?"

Something like that, back then u had 25 kills now its like 32 and 11 of them are Infidelz.
Well its you have lost 4 empiers, you still say you are as alive and kicking as back then?

"I am doing just as good now as I was then. My greateness can only be measuered in my accomplishments. Its hard fighting an enemy that isnt there all the time. It's a guerilla war stylebattle. They come out from the bush's whack us and thats that. We've alreadly proven that noone can stay tagged against us."

And i saw you guys at S&D have a new clan in your way.. Tragena?

"Yea, I stopped by their clan chat and gave them an option , work with us, or die."

"They found me very arrogent and assinine (go figure ;) )."

"I then gave them one hour to detag, or they would die."

You use a style simular mobs?

"Yea, FerreT (trogdor) and I have always favored that style ;)"

Laios and Trogdor says at teh same time: "it works!"

"I will however say if I were on the other end of this war, the results would be much different."

So do you have any to add?

"This weekend was rather unproductive and dissapointing, noone seemed dto really log in, but shit people have lives, its the weekend, Though today was nice with a 4 kill run."

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