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Geist, what about DS!

Interview by : at : 15:21:19 19/07/2003

As you all know Gaist runs DS in strategy. But will he handle the war whit AoE, or is it over?!

Geist where tumbling around and didnt know what to do, he didnt even control his own clan.

Where do you think DS are headed?

"I gotta get back into the leaderspot before I can do anything in strat though"

Did AoE get you on the bed, or where you awared over the sudden killing spree, and why didnt you do any?

"I figured something was gonna happen, our clans were going neck and neck for top clan and I was expecting some action soon. If not from them then from me."

Why dident you make a counter attack tehn?

"First they killed me, then the others who were able to put them into a war slot so we could start cracking their skulls. I haven't even put them in it yet! So those who were still around couldn do much with the hit limit."

Hm.. you seems so relaxed, what do u have in your sleve to put up a fight?

"lol, I just know things are never permenant in war, one second someones on top and the next day they all could all be dead."

"I'm not worried about what has happened though,I know I can get back on top in no time so I'm just concerned with trying to regroup and get orginized."

He also told me some information about whats going to happend.

"I'm about to just drop the clan tag and start another,j ust so I can start making things happen...It's boring waitin in protection..."

Well, what do u think about AoE, do they dominate to much?

"There a good clan and I think if they work for it deserve to dominate good for them,but any clan with enough communication can dominate."

Will DS return from teh ashes or will they camly lie and down burn out.. Join strategy and learn for ur self....

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