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Padre, about his prom time!

Interview by : at : 10:20:56 18/07/2003

Padre is fairly new to this game and here is what he thinks about it.

I caught Padre at IRC along with some others.

Padre, you play every game?


Why, do you find them all fun?

"I play them all because I like Valhall and so I play on every server it has to offer. I like them all, Vintage is where you can netgain because I know that no wars will break out."

So what u like about battle, the wars?

"Battle is great because you can war and netgain whenever you want, there is so many people playing it and so much land to netgain off."

And Strategy, what u like there, the clans?

"Strategy I like because the always is at least one war. AoE vs whoever. And its fun to take part on either side. Also I like it because i find it easy to reclaim a top ten spot after dying."

Well, do u play other servers?

"Well i try, but they all seem to lack alot compared to here."

What makes valhall the one you play steadily?

"maybe because this is where i started."

When did u start playing prom?

"Like 2-3 months ago, I like Valhall cause I've gotten to know a few people and made a few friends, I think, and probably a few enimies. But I just like the style of the place and how I know what to do and who to ask about certain things."

So did you like what this server have done to the game, like labor and water?

"Well actually i never played without them until i joined vint my second set here.
The first set I only played strat and I had a blast, I didn't really know how to play and whenever I got turns I would use them. I sat there waiting for more turns just to use them. Alot of my classmates and I started a clan and then started a war with AoE, although we lost it was great. The next set caeser told me a few tips, then I joined DSS and West and North told me how to play also.
I still dont think I know all this game has to offer, but I try and learn new things daily."

Thanks padre, nice story of urs!

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