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Trogdor, a real BURNiNATOR!

Interview by : at : 11:15:26 17/07/2003

Well i caught up with this feared thing outside my empires boundries while he was BURNiNATING some peasant.

As i walked up to it i noticed how strange it looks, compared to my human look. It is a dragon, it is green, it has wings, it has only one arm...?

Well how is it you only have one arm?

"i don't quite know, it just happened some day...grew outta my neck but beefy for good measure".

Well, those smal wings are they any good, you must have difficulty take of?

"Ah, i fall with style.
Get real high...
...then just go!"

The flame.. dont u get ur lips burned? Must be awfully hot?


I cant help for notice those skinny legs, are they any good then? You must get tired over all the chasing back and forth for your BURNiNATION?

"The Burnination: Its very quite simple.
I just go around on my little gliding wings...
...see somewhere to plop down... usually a place with thatched roof cottages, then i proceed to BURNiNATE."

You sometimes just stamp people to death?

"Sometimes i BURNiNATE the countryside, but mostly i prefer to BURNiNATE the peasants.. it hurts being sworded and arrowed."

Trogdor waddles on top of a hill, jumps and glides off in a puff of smoke...

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