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Laios, the born leader!

Interview by : at : 12:00:00 15/07/2003

As I step in to Laios' office in a hidden dungon, TankerFly unties my blindfold and shuts the large stone door.

As I open my eyes i can see a big dark wooden chair slowly turning around to face me.
And a voice telling me to start off as he has lil time for interviews. I as fast as I can take up my tools and start to question him...

Why did you form S&D?

"The answer is Africa!"

now.. well this intresting... i think.. what tha hell does that stand for.. but before any thing pops in to my mind he continues...

"Well Arch informed me that Old Skool wasnt where he really wanted to be and he was starting his own clan, asked me if I wanted to be apart of it. I said, sure(I dont pass up chances to play with Arch, its really a treat as I battled AGAINST him for the longest time and our skills always seemed to find each other ,wed end up dueling just about).
So he said think up a name. Thus Seek&Destroy was born. He was the original leader."

What where your goals whit the clan (or should i say yours)?

"Originally the goals were just to seek out the tagged and other people I didn't like and with as little 'prom political' and emotional envolvment as I could, kill them for fun. This being my last set for a while I didnt want to deal with any BS... but my boots seems to be magnitized to BS. Reading the boards.. im buried in it."

Tanker shoots in: "I think the name of the clan pretty much says its intentions!"

"Which is funny cause i thought it up off the top of my head."

Well you kinda have a reputation for killing clans, is this to make it stronger?

"Yea, a alot of people don't seem to get this, and I am not sure if its jealousy, or what. Simple concept though they may hate it, noone can kill me if I am the only one tagged, If I eliminate all the competition, I am my only competitior."

So you dont have any other resoning to start the fight whit Infidelz?

"Nope, none what so ever, I admire the effort they have put forth. While every other clan has rolled over and died, Infidelz has stood for what and who they are, thats a quality I respect.
Oh, and they killed on of our members at the beggining of the set.
Though I had forgotten about that.
Aa least I think that was them *shrugs*."

Tanker breaks out in laugh: "lol!"

Infidelz dont fear you due to your jusing normal warfare as tehy say, do you have a comment on that?

"I don't need fear to win, just loyal dedicated clan members. As for my 'normal warfare', Well we have been able to hold the tag all set, so until we are unable to do so, I suppose theres no reason to spruce it up, (though I am working something out for later)."

I guess you cant reveal a lil somethign for the VT?

"Don't expect anythingless than the best damn fight I can put up, and definitly dont expect any less from my awesome team."

Tanker pops in: "Definatly awesome team!"

"Anything more elborate will stay between myself and my confidents."

Then again Tanker breaks in: "Espically the asst leader guy yeah he is real awesome!"

"Except for that chronic goat masterbation problem he has... thats gettin old.."

Whit a twizted smile Tanker replys: "Well he died
so i guess i will have to take his place... not in the goat thing!!!"

Laios mubles something and says: "suuuuuureee..."

They tehn have a long convorsation about goats and that is not by any means beeing reprinted here. So i just breaks in and continue myy work.

Whos Jill, there is a word out that you dont even know, comment?

"Thats true, I dont lol. Which is funny because usually I am a tight ass about that sorta stuff. I invited them early on, they havnt logged on since. So I just kept them as a pin coushin, if Killaz or his party is wasting turns on Jill.. its not any of my other members... think I'll go remove him.. her.. it.. now."

Laios hands over a note that says: "You have removed Jill (#52) from your clan."

OCC: Sorry Jill wherent ment to get ya booted :/

A sadistic laugh comes from tehn bought: "Muahaha..."

"They had it comin, ive just not been getting aroudn to do it.. might as well make tanker the leader of ass while i ahve my papers here...!"

Tanker: "Thats right i rule your ass."

Laios hands over another note: "Tanker Fly (#158) is now the Assistant Leader for Seek And Destroy."

West (in another interview) dont seem to know that Tanker is a managment person, dont you have a tight folow up on your crew Laios?

"Thats cause west is a jackass. Yea usually I grill and really purge to make sure I have a good
loyal bunch, I can pretty much feel out who I can trust and whose wasting time. Oh, as for West not knowing that Tanker is the assitant leader, well I don't control how much West pays attention, I can put the information in front of his face(you can ask any of the clan members,poor guys read a book for front page news), I can;t make West read it however. West is netting, I gave him the go ahead to net today just beacuase he doesnt seem to be doing anything if hes not. I suppose I just have to hope West pulls thorugh at the end. If West is smart hell handle the larger threats
appropriatly. He tends to tell me what the matter is instead of trying to fix it.

Where do u see ur clan in 3 days from now?


Well im sure Infidelz wont let that happend.. since they so far has a goal to eliminate one of you every day... we'll see!

"Well they can eliminate us, but we can very quickly return. What they dont get is everytime more are killed, more land is entered into the game, thus creating a 'power pocket' of land. When that land hits 500 k, I can come out of protection, get my hands on that land and instantaniously make 1st place. As could any of my team, so dying is but an annoyance in a greater scheme."

Laios finnishes: "My only real other comment is that I am glad I have receieved the priveledge to get to work with such a great group, such a wide
variety of skill. (and tolerance) Im not an easy leader, Also, I'd lliek to say that anyone who underestimates Chad is going to find themselves neck deep in shit way quicker than they realize it."

Tanker silently adds: "Wonder why people underestimate him, other then he gets killed the last day of everyset, poor Chad!"

"I knew he was good, but watching him play, that man has some SERIOUS potential mark my words, I said the same stuff about Arch first few times I saw him play."

As I leave the dungeon i get the blindfold tigtly tied around my face and are slowly guided far out from the dungeon...

OCC: Later i whent down to the old tombs at the Graveyard and found out that Pixie Stix (#8) (S&D) where killed by Battousai, the Pixieslayer (#9) of clan R.I.P. and not Infidelz as Laios thought. There has also been another kill of a S&D outside Infidelz and that is by the hands of clan Mc and where preformed by Québec's Warlock (#25).

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