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Facts and logics

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There are some facts and logics that doesn't add up with the attack system. SmashZ and Gamemaster has gone through them and have come up with a more logical attack system.

SmashZ sayes, "Facts and logics are problems I see with the game. Possible solutions are things I feel can be done to even this out, this is only a push in a direction and not final."

Here follows the description of his possible sulution:


Units and attacking methods should be considered altered.

Facts and logics.

Using air or sea units to gain land is illogical.

Possible Solution

Using air units to damage defenders army, air strikes and “Precision” bombing.
Using sea units to grab water elements or bombard land facilities.
Example would be to use air units to the as a similar use as fireball.
And sea bombardments to destroy structures.

Facts and logics

Attacking with one unit lets say Footmen, “Guerrilla Strike“
Attacker has 10M of these units defender has 1M, attacker will win, But defender has sufficient amount of other units, what does these units do?
Are they staying just totally still looking at their empire is beat the crap out of.

Possible Solution

Make other units count in the defence,
Attacker comes under heavy bombardment from air or water.
Before reaching the empire, if losses are too great they even flee and don’t attack at all. And “max”ers (those who stock up a huge pile of one kind of unit) will face harder times.
This will also bring a better combat system into play.

Hit limits:

Facts and logics

Clans can be put as war elements making killing easy.
Freelancers cannot be set to war, makes killing nearly impossible.
Clans can have allies, freelancers cant.
And how come a larger alliance member is easier to kill than a freelancer. They should even be hardest to kill. The ones who want to win now does not clan up because they know there are skilled players who can kill them at such points.

Possible Solution

1. Make this the other way around and increase hit limits.
2. Make it possible to declare war on a single empire
3. Make clans have hit limits too, only larger
4. Make the hit limits based on empires, empire1 can attack empire2 x amount of times, and then to kill you can’t be alone on it.

Loss calculation

Facts and logics

More or less random now based on amount of units sent into battle.
Attacker with 10M units, defender has 10 units.
Attacker will win, but sometimes with pretty high losses compared to enemy defence.

Possible Solution

But better limits on losses.

New effects

Foreign minister, Get a possibility to post news towards the soon to come Valhall Times.

Secret service,
Can buy CB from other empires, for a cost based on their net worth somehow.
Where the empire bought from resives the cash.

Attacks, Loot empires for cash etc, instead of taking land.

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