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"The Question"

Poems and Prose by : Cerenza at : 05:19:21 15/12/2004

"The Question..."

by F.T. Prince.

"And so we too came where the rest have come,
To where each dreamed, each drew, the other home
From all distractions to the other`s breast,
Where each had found, each was, the wild bird`s nest.
For that we came, and knew that we must know
The thing we knew of but we did not know.

We said then, What if this were now no more
Than a faint shade of what we dreamed before?
If love should here find little joy or none,
And done, it were as if it were not done,
Would we not love still? What if none can know
The thing we know of but we do not know?

For we know nothing but that, long ago,
We learnt to love God whom we cannot know.
I touch your eyelids that one day must close,
Your lips as perishable as a rose:
And say that all must fade, before we know
The thing we know of but we do not know."

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