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Hell's Fire

Valhall Region by : demonicofsorrow at : 19:39:15 09/12/2004

Things start to roar up!

Things are up and running as many fight for the top 10 as well as the best clan. Here`s a list of the clans and where they stand.

Clan Name -Tag Members -Average Networth -Total Networth -Offences -Defences -Kills
1.Demonic Demonion`s Champions DD-C 9 $62,753,119$565,512,936 2066 (94%) 2505 (9%) 0

2.The Stoned Killers of 420 SK420 10 $50,689,015 $527,177,863 1167 (89%) 1430 (6%) 1

3.Just Another Stupid Acronym JaSa 6 $76,743,873 $463,709,859 1087 (93%) 1279 (9%) 0

4.Demonic Demonions DD 5 $29,164,901 $149,425,870 1198 (96%) 776 (6%) 5

5.The wolverines TW 6 $14,711,919 $88,546,935 455 (92%) 309 (6%) 0

DD-C holds first by a rather small lead of 38,335,073, with the mystery clan JaSa falling in 3rd close behind SK420 and DD-C with only 6 members!

Who leads JaSa, and who are the members within it, some may ask. Although the anticipation to know is rather heartbreaking and frightful you must bear with me for a short while more while I dig deaper into their history and try to uncover their secret`s and obtain an interview.

Until then we all wonder if they will prove to be a non hostile force or one who will wield their power and strike upon everyone with fearce determination and wipe clear the charts of all other clans.

New changes have occured in SK420 with the return of one of their founders Chong. With his and Cheech`s knowledge of the game and power of leading will they muster enough to sling by DD-C and win the set? Only time will tell...

DD-C still holding the title of top clan, for now, but will they manage to hold it longer? At the beginning of the set it seemed nobody had anything for DD-C, but as time goes on things always change. With 7 out of their 9 players in top 25 will they manage to stay with the flow and continue to stand above everyone else? Only time will tell ;)...

TW, newly arisen, has started off with overhits on DD-C`s leader The Darkness and threats and laughter at war against them. They seem to see DD-C as a joke although DD-C holds ranks far superior to their own. Who is this new clan and are the members within new or veterans in hiding? Only time will tell... Although they went behind DD-C`s back and tried to get SK420 to take down DD-C with sayings that DD-C was going to clear SK420 off the map. What they didn`t know though was that DD-C holds a strong trustworthy alliance with SK420.

DD spark`s a short war with a7x and takes them out in a matter of minutes. It seemed that No. 5 with a bullet online hit a few of there players as well as their sister clan DD-C`s players. Will a7x come back for revenge and take down the notorious clan of DD-Demonic Demonions or will they fall again?

With the rise of SK420 and there forging with DoS they hold a strong possibility of winning the set. Although so does Jasa the strong mysterious clan within Strategy holding key spots in the top10 with Onix(#15) holding 1st by almost double everyone elses net with $215,071,776.

It has proved to be an interesting set and hopefully it will prove to get better. spreading the wealth(#39) still going for the offencive record with 1300 offencive attacks suceeding(99%)of the time, still proves to be a pain knocking many out of the top 10 with fireballs, and storms.

Well this concludes your live update from Demonic of Sorrow, stay tuned to VT for future updates, good day and good night!

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