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Destroy All Humans

Video Games by : Dragoness at : 05:46:48 07/12/2004

A game that plays to the interests of the Sci-fi inclined.

Available for: PS2/Xbox
Publisher/Developer: THQ/Pandemic
Release Date: Spring 2005

For those of you partial to death, destruction, and lots of fiery doom, this game might just strike your fancy. Destroy All Humans! is a Sci-fi based one-player action game that centers around Cryptospordium-137 (we`ll call him Crypto for short).
Crypto doesn`t fit the "We come in peace" stereotype usually laid out for aliens who are misunderstood upon arrival and are forced to annihalate the planet with angry vengeance because some CIA agent shot their Grand Poobah. He starts out that way.
Armed with a deep disdain for the human race, Crypto is a Furon, an ancient alien species that specializes in cloning. Their entire civilization is composed of clones created from the race`s most affluent and productive citizens. Crypto`s job is to destroy the earth, and he`s equipped with some fun `toys` to accomplish just that.
Everything from ray guns, to tractor beams, to potent telekinetic powers (and a Matter Disruptor) is at Crypto`s immediate disposal. Of course, a game just wouldn`t be fun if there was no opposition to the impending threat.
An organization dubbed `The Majextic` (which is led by an anonymous figure who goes by `Silhouette`), has wormed its way into the highest branches of government in preparation for the eventual invasion of aliens. Its strongest agents are known as G-men, who are better prepared to battle the Furon than the pitiful police department. However, The Majestic`s true mission is hidden behind layers of shadow and mystery, giving players a bit of incentive to move further into the game and see what there is to know about this shady organization (when they`re not blowing up things, of course).
Screenshots of the game show surprisingly good graphics, as well as intricate and detailed backgrounds. The environments are almost 100% interactive, allowing players to steal everything from trucks to livestock.
There is still much to be learned about this game, however, it looks like a venture worth renting, at the very least.

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