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On its Way

Valhall Region by : demonicofsorrow at : 00:40:13 05/12/2004

Vintage and strategy

The set is on its way and things are getting spicey...

-Day 5 of the set of December
Many clans said to form haven`t done so but we have a mystery clan out there by the name of JaSa-Just another stupid acronym, the question is where did they come from and who are they? With 4 members 2 of them holding top 10 positions, will they fair too be a threat... only time will tell.

DD-C hold`s strong the top clan position with 5 members in top 10 and the rest leaning close behind, will this be a remake of vintage, or a remake of last strategy where 1 man clans formed and wiped DOTG off the slate, and proved bothersome to BP taking a couple of their key players.

It seems DoS has disbanded and joined ranks with the legendary SK420 springing them too 2nd place in clan ranks. With such a big clan and good leaders will they muster enough strength and skill up to be the top clan in strategy?

The top 10 is filled with members of some clan yet Jiji and xenmry manage to stay with them holding 5th and 6th. Jiji managing to overcome everyone else last set grabbed 2nd place and it looks like he might finish well this set as well.

spreading the wealth (#39) might prove to be a pain to everyone as he trys to grasp the new offensive record with 504 offences already succeding a 100% and with only 134 hits sustained! Will someone stand up and ruin his chance for the record or will they just stand by hoping not too be smashed into oblivion during his leap for victory.
As goes with strategy it seems like nobody has anything for DD-C holding 3 top 10 positions, but will it last? Still their is the promise of the elite clan that has been on everyone`s tounges. The clan said to make last set in vintage look like child`s play but when will they spring up and takeover?

The only other clans are TLD a three man clan whose members don`t seem to be a real threat to anyone as of yet. Then theirs Shadow K a 1 man clan with Realm of Shadowz(#15) as the founder. Will he decide to play with TLD and DD-C and rape their members and ruin their runs? As my saying goes... Only time will tell.
This has been Demonic of Sorrow your friendly reporter on the scene and taking notes! Stay tuned to ValhallTimes for more local updates on whats going on and urgent updates on wars and the like.

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