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Internal Blackness

Poems and Prose by : demonicofsorrow at : 06:23:25 03/12/2004

Another poem from yours truly.

Obscure and desolate my life balances upon a ledge,
But a nudge and ill lunge into internal blackness,
A quicksand that will forever pull me under, To never see the light of day,
The light of day that some may call love, and others never felt,
That which feeds your soul and fills your heart with undescribable lust,
The light of day that slowly fades and darkens and becomes,
But a whisper upon mines ears, but a word rather than fealing,
I am no poet nor anything else but a lost soul seeking refuge,
That is why I must plead your forgiveness, though ill never hear it,
That is why I must go, for I have been nudged and start my descent,
My descent into Internal Blackness, my descent into the unknown

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