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It Has Begun!

Valhall Region by : demonicofsorrow at : 21:31:27 02/12/2004

The new set is on its way

It is a battle in strategy for the top 10 as everyone starts to leave protection. Many clans are said to begin their reign of terror as well. Here are a list of the clans:

- DD-C Demonic Demonion`s Champions lead by me (demonic of sorrow) has an excellent line up and are destined to do well, their prised line up include.
Mawerick, Scorpion, Kodo, Black Knights, & Cheeseanpickle.

- DD Demonic Demonion`s led by Cerenza and EndofAll is an extenstion of DD-C looking to destroy and demolish all in there path, with deathtoall, and Frostreaver with them as well.

- DoS Demons of Sorrow is led by Reaper a new addition of Valhall who has been taught by me, his members include a squad of newbies as well... ill try to get an interview with them later to see what their goal is.

- Dark Clan Killers led by the infamous Dragon`s plan of action is to take down all and aquire the most kills.

- SK420 led by Cheech and Upon come back too Valhall to give their all.

-Noob Boobies led by Frost Vixen, formerly known as Ice, plans are to take in all who are willing to learn and teach them to the best of her knowledge, she has the backing of many clans and should have no trouble from anyone.

- Northern Star, Western Fire led by North and whose crew consist of West and Starfire plan to take over Strategy and wipe out all other clans.

A new turn of events for strategy... to have so many clans with potential of winning the set, but the question is will it last?

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