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A Dream

Poems and Prose by : demonicofsorrow at : 20:09:11 02/12/2004

"A Dream"

“A Dream”
When I first set eyes on you, my heart
Faltered for never hath I seen such a beauty
As that of yours, do my eyes mislead me, has cupid shot me with a dart?
You are what I’ve dreamed of but never seen, is it my duty
To show thou love, and embrace thee
For that tis all I would wish for in this life
To live a dream and see
What others hath not, ever in their life.
If I could be bold enough to say,
That thou beauty is fairer then any living thing
Nor are there words to explain the way
Your body moves as if floating…
Then, maybe, I could look back and remember that one kiss
That one kiss I could have had, if I was bold enough to say…this

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