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Last week!

Valhall Region by : endofall at : 03:52:58 24/11/2004

The game enters it`s last week of playing!

With Bpack tamed down to 5 members, we enter the last week with the top ten looking this way:

1 Ragnarok (#197)
2 south kaioshin (#215)
3 Jiji (#157)
4 god im still stoned (#161)
5 Death Shall Come! (#94)
6 dOOms dAy! (#213)
7 Veialanth (#185)
8 Baby BlueZ (#63)
9 Justice (#42)
10 TriponSpikes (#107)

And me..EoA..sitting at a low 33rd.

Who will finish 1st? Ragnarok has a decent lead..but we shall see!

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