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Interview with UnderDark

Interview by : Ice at : 16:49:53 06/10/2004

We hear so much from you in game about relevant topics, and your responses are always witty and to the point. Now what about your in game activities, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you post about in game happenings.

Firstly, thanx for letting me interview you. I must say, you strike me as a very intellectual person, who thinks hard before posting messages on the forum. Tho not much is known about you in game. That’s what I want to find out!

How old are you?

How long you been playing prom?

um... I dont know exactly, but it must be going on 3 and a half years now. time flies when you`re having fun (or when you are an addict), I suppose!

I believe you started on ZAP, is that correct?

correct.. sort of, I suppose
actually I started on, what used to be known as, the "Jade" server. playing normal vanillia flavoured classic prom... those where the days!
Jade gave way to what we now know as ZA prom, which I suppose you could call my alma mater.

Which Valhall server is your fave?

um...strat.. I think. to tell you the truth, I dont really have a favorite and I havent really played here THAT often. only 4 or 5 sets if I remember correctly... for the most part I enjoy a slower paced game, I think its a little more balanced! So its safe to say you wont find me playing a turbo or battle type game. Old school classic is what I cut my teeth on and thats pretty much what I still like today, altho there are a number of things that SmashZ added that I really like.

What’s your best finish here at Valhall?

well 7th in BOTK wasnt a train smash, I guess... other than that I cant really recall any top ranking finishes... since I was always playing clanned and working towards the ultimate goal of getting the clan to the top... but seen in that light, I guess I can mention the 2 wins we grabbed in our first 2 outings here

as a rule I`m never able to compete for rank 1 with any real conviction, due to the fact that I` conectively challenged! I dont have internet access at home, so I only get online from 8 to 5, mondays to fridays. I cant play weekends or evenings, so very difficult to compete seriously if the top guys are playing almost twice as much as you! :/

Now for the fun stuff.
What is you preferred race and strategy and Why?

prefered strat... wow.. thats a difficult one! in a solo game I`ll always be drow with a 100% mage strat! for the simple reason that maging just is the most effective thing to do if you`re playing solo... and when I play anything else I`m always left regretting the decision, thinking: "if only I could CB that guy right now!"

but in a clanned game I tend to go with a indy race! Its loads of fun, you get to bash people to your hearts content and theres nothing like pumping millions of units like a little indy whore!

What other strats have you mastered?

hmmm.. in theory I could prolly tell you how to play just about any strat... on paper but other than indy and maging, I cant say that I`ve spent enough time playing any other strats to be able to say I`ve "mastered" them. so I`d have to say just those two.
um.. as for farmers... its a standing joke among ZAP locals that I DONT FARM! lol...

What would you say has been your biggest achievement in game in a set?

biggest achievement, without a shodow of a doubt, would have to be my involvement with clan ZAP! truely the most memorable of my promisance playing days.
being part of that group of guys while recording back to back victories on both of the biggest servers on the global prom stage, really was great fun! I dont think any clan has really "gone on the road" like that before and I certainly did meet alot of interesting people, made some good friends and also caused a fair bit of controversy along the way... sheesh.. things have gotten pretty heated on a number of occasions!

What race and strat are you playing this set?

well.. not really playing this set. due to work

Now for an in depth look at UnderDark.
How did you come up with your name?

looking back..If I had to choose all over again, I`d have picked something else. The name was never chosen as something I wanted to be known by.
I stumbled across this text based game and had to come up with a empire... being a avid RA Salvatore reader and a great fan of the most famous of Drow characters, Drizzt Do`Urden... I had picked the Drow race without a second thought or with as much as a passing glance at the other available races.... in sticking with the drow motif, I had chosen "the Underdark" as my empire name, since that is where drow elves are found.
The underdark being the world beneath the surface in the fantasy setting of the forgotton realms.

being very involved in ingame politics and diplomacy and relying on that to make up for what was then a COMPLETE lack of actuall promisance knowledge or skill, I met a lot of people and relied heavily on my name and relationship with other clans and players to get anywhere, I couldnt risk losing all those contacts I had built up.... soon I had played a few sets and everyone knew me as UnderDark, so there was no going back! :/
kinda stuck with it now, I guess
maybe I should pull a North and reinvent myself! I could come back with a different name.. and I could be NICE and friendly!...uh... nah.. screw it! :p

When you’re not playing prom, what are you doing?

I work as a software developer for SAs largest retailer doing business to business websites and crap like that :p

And for fun?

party with friends, drink too much, smoke the odd blunt! listen to loads of music and spend as much time on the beach as posibble!

You live in Cape Town, do you surf then?

no I dont actually.. which is odd for someone who went to school with nothing but surfers... not that I`ve never been on a board, but just never got around to taking up the sport with any serious intentions, mostly cause I dont like getting up early in the mornings! :p and I`d rather be on the beach with the surfers girlfriends, while they are in the water! hehe

Lastly, how are the babes down there in Cape Town?

probably the best and hottest in the world!! specially now that its just about summer again and all the fit young vixens are wearing nothing but their brand new tans! whoo haa!

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