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To clan or not to Clan

Valhall Region by : Ice at : 07:25:39 06/10/2004

August set, and the introduction on the Pillage attack, was the set of the Indy’s. It seams the magers were finally beat with 7 of the top ten places going to Indy races, 1 to a Troll Basher, 1 to a gremlin farmer and the tenth place to a mager

This set.
September set start off on a high for all the indy’s, with the top 8 spots being occupied on day 4 of set.

New Players
Two new players join the game for this set, Kodo and Holyhooters. Kodo, who actually joined last set, already racked up a nice 8th spot in vintage. Perhaps he will be a force to reckon with there.

The clans promise some interesting play this set, with the return of AoE (Axiz of Evil) to wreak havoc on all who appose them. The clan FeaR has also stepped up to the plate, saying that they will stand up and fight, or die trying. However, they say they will not form as an officially clan, but continue to stick together and help each other out. Seems they’re not a real clan after all. October has seen an influx of smaller clans, with DD led by Demonic of Sorrow returning this set. Clan Elli is back as well, though they’ve never placed anywhere significant, will their luck change?

Axis of Evil Clan
AoE has been formed and on day 5 have 4 in the top ten. They plan to dominate the set and bring back the days of clan domination. “Join AoE now! The action will be INSAAAAAAAANE!” commented Chad on the Strategy Forum when he started the clan’s sign up process. Will they succeed, only time will tell.

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