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Battle of the Kings Tournament

Valhall Region by : Justus at : 13:59:43 31/08/2004

Finally the BotKT is coming close. After months of waiting and practicizing, the day is almost there. Less than 24 hours on the clock left...

The sign ups have been open for a few hours now, but over 50 players have signed up already. Everybody has came to prove his talent, and to show their strategies...

The first BotK Tournament seems to be very popular, many are curious what it will bring us, and who will be able of calling himself "The King of Promisance" at the end of the Tournament.

Many articles will follow concerning this first Promisance Tournament, we will keep you up to date!

For now have fun, and good luck with:

"The Battle of the Kings Tournament 2004!"

-North, Organizer BotKT 2004 (all rights reserved)

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