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Poems and Prose by : Justus at : 23:48:03 21/07/2004

A small love poem I have written.


You confuse me with your beautiful eyes, you confuse me with your bright smile.
I can no longer tell what is wise, which I could for a long while.

It seems love has found me ones again, but it is hard for me to understand.
I do know what I can, but I don`t know where I stand.

Perhaps it is just the way you look at me, which makes me feel this way.
Perhaps your appearance is all I see, because I would like to see you every day.

But what if it is more? More, what I feel for you?
What if it isn`t just your appearance, what if my love for you is true?

I know we are both different, I know you know aswell,
But isn`t this the promised land? For me it`s hard to tell.

We could learn from eachother, we could share a lot.
Shouldn`t we bother, or should we take a shot?

We have so much to share, together we will be strong.
We could be an endless pair, or are my feelings wrong?

I would love to hold you in my arms, I would love to have you near.
That is what my heart warms, your sweet words are all I want to hear.

It is so hard to describe for me, the way you make me feel.
Perhaps you don`t see what I see, but I think our love was real.

-Justus, Summer 2004

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