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Game Census

Valhall Region by : Relic at : 21:13:33 15/07/2004

Finally the total of money that is kept on strat has reached the 3 Tril mark, to all the people who are storing cash, nicely done. To the ones keeping troops, try to get over the 100 mil mark with those. Footmen enough. Well done to all.

Valhall Strategy.
Peasants 50,885,933
Land Acres 1,061,647
Water Mass 373,026
Money $3,429,509,498,400
Grains 70,280,182,171
Fish 2,720,363,577
Networth $4,372,525,202
Health 98%
Tax Rate 11%
Footmen 118,381,931
Catapults 80,319,823
Zeppelins 62,458,178
Galleons 55,318,989
Wizards 158,590,282

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