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Infidelz, killing spree!

Interview by : at : 20:11:04 13/07/2003

I caught up with Starfire and Caesar in the trenches of the Infidelz - S&D war.

This is what they had to say between Stone Bombardments and Aerial Assaults. Here's the news, straight from the jungles
Way is Infidelz opposing S&D?
"Cos no one else is!"
So you fealt responible to start this war or did others?
"Well i went in with starfire."
can you tell me more of teh background on the struggle?
"well clan infidelz was formed to break the record for clan kills. I was originally gonna kill all noob players and keep the tag alive. Then my friend starfire kinda got in on the act cos he waned to know why i had tagged. I told him and thats how i got my first clan member."
I see. so what lead to the S&D killings?
"We were going ahead and killing (clan goals for players were to make one kill every day) when Laios popped up and killed us. Naturally we decided to give up killing other tags and went after S&D. So thats y we r in this lil war of ours. Infidelz are killers who have no interest in netgaining!"
What resoning did you do on the selecting of the killing?
"Well i was bored of netgaining and angry cos ppl kept killing me on the last day of the set so i decided to just kill kill killl!!!"
So you dont select of strategic reasing (Tanker assistant leader, and Trogdor close friend of the leader Laios)?
"Like i said initially i was going to play alone.. ppl msg and wanted to join in. Starfire is a close friend of mine and was in on the clan first before we went to war with S&D."
I just see two members in Infidelz, have you lost some of your men?
"Not exactly... Infidelz is a revolving door. When ppl want to make a kill they join the clan. If they can't kill from protection or do not wanna kill they freelance." >
I see, so there is no clan loyalty. Its just a option of life or death?
"We are not ur normal clan haha. We only become a clan when we need to kill. Actually there is plenty of clan loyalty."
Where do you see this war in 3 days from now?
"Oh it will just carry on."
"S&D still think that infidelz is a clan in the conventional sense so they are using normal tactics in clan warfare. They do not realize they are fighting ppl who are only interested in killing and nothing else. See if one clan never gives up no matter how many times u kill them u can never win the war, but if u r running a proper clan u will eventually get tired of war... infidelz is made for war without war there is no reason for infidelz."
Starfire can you elaborate aboute the bacgrond?
"Well at the beginning of the set caesar tagged and told me he wanted a clan whose sole purpose was to get a lot of kills. Then S&D came up and killed us. So we decided to just pester them for the entire rest of the set. So we really don't plan on stopping with the killing. After everytime we break protection we are sure to die, but we always take at least one S&D with us when we do.
As far as members other than me and caesar...we haven't really been heavily recruiting...just some friends of mine. they only tag when they are about to kill."
And as im about to leave the two of them, Ceasar yells to me. "Heres a quote for yah. Talk is cheap, or so say the infidelz." He walks of whit a big shiny smile on his face.

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