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Chad of West Palm Beach

Interview by : Dragon at : 07:13:09 10/07/2004

Our eldest Administrator sheds some light onto his personal life, game life, and his Kaiship.

You are one of the older members of ValHall. What`s it like to be the older and more experienced person watching the "youngins" squabble over personal issues?
It`s great. At least when the whippersnappers understand my wisdom. I often feel like a teacher at high school. Sometimes I just sit back and see if the situation resolves itself, other times I step in and put out the fire.

Are you a native Floridian?
Nope, I moved here four and a half years ago from The Bronx, New York.

Do you prefer Florida?
By a longshot, yes. I only go and visit to see my family there.

Where did you go to High School and College?
I went to Hunter College High School, arguably the finest High School in the entire country. Garduated LAST in class of 176. College sucked because I didn`t get laid enough.

What do you do for your career?
Prick Administrator. Actually, I work as an accounting manager for a small company.

When did you meet your wife?
We met four years ago. We met over the internet. How about that? After chatting with her for a couple of months, I flew her down here to visit.

When did you tie the knot?
We married on October 4, 2003 in Florida.

Now there`s one thing all of us here at ValHall love. Well two. Chickens. And Piggies! When did the piggies start pouring in?
We got our first in October of 2001 from a pet store. Mr. Snuggles. We got him a buddy, Fuzzie Lumpkins, two months later. But they unbonded some time later. A year later we bought Princess Piggie, she languished in the pet store for a month. I dunno why, she`s beautiful.
In December 2003, we took in an owner dumped piggie. Her name was "Fuzzy", but already having a "Fuzzie", we renamed her Marilyn. She`s going to the vet tomorrow for a possible UTI. We adopted Callie in March 2004 as a spayed buddy for Fuzzie. She`s also my TV watching pal. Lastly, we adopted Amee (from the same GP rescue as Callie) as another buddy for Fuzzie. We had her spayed and has become Fuzzie`s true love.

Thinking of any human children some day? Or are you going to enjoy the early years of marriage first?
We`re enjoying the early years first. Perhaps one down the road a piece.

Onto the game aspect. When did you start playing Promisance?
Well, I started playing Prom in a server called Arcasia back in June 2002. Won the set after a three month long battle. The turn rate was fifty per ten minutes. I finished with over seven trillion networth. I had over two quadrillion in cash.

Where did you go after Arcasia?
I went to QMT: in September 2002 after Arcasia got raided for copyright violation.

How did you become East Kai?
I gained notoriety the following month after joining forces with North, South and West. "The Supreme Quadrant" I wasn`t the original East Kai, however. There was a Dutch player as East, but he quit. The other three saw my potential as we played throughout the set.

When did you come to ValHall?
November 2002. Geist and West told me to start playing there. QMT was suffering from severe lag problems.

Did you find ValHall more to your liking?
Yes. I still played at QMT but got very into ValHall. Scroed a kill on Tiax my first full set, sent a shockwave through the forums.

Did you start solo or with a clan at ValHall?

When did you get a position of power on a Promisance server?
February 2003. I was made Moderator of the General Discussion.

What Administrators were you under, to give us a sense of the time.
Just SmashZ and Gamemaster.

When did you become our third Administrator?
April 2003, I became an in-game Administrator. Forum powers followed a month later. That same month I also become Moderator at QMT, and scored a Moderator spot at Global in June. I became a sort of Bavarian Illuminati of Promisance.

Axis of Evil. Thought to be the greatest clan to grace the Strategy server. I have had the pleasure of being both with and against AoE. What gave you the inspiration to start it.
I started it for fun but had a good group of players around me: South, Tanker Fly, Coramoor, Total Anarchy.

So it wasn`t meant to be the great thing it turned out to be? It was just, basically, a fun new toy to play with?
Yes. But I had selected the right players. Players willing to sacrifice personal goals to benefit the clan. Players with exceptional organizational skills, a keen eye for war, and a thirst for blood. I have been moast fortunate to play with them. This goes for virtually anyone ever setting foot in my clan. We ruled with an iron fist for most of 2003. But like anyone good thing, the time had come... and gone.

After a massive war between AoE and InfidelZ, AoE left the scene for a little while. Can we expect it to return anytime soon?
It might. But the core group needs to return. AoE`s soul has been the cool, relaxed pace of Valhall`s slow game. AoE would return to Vintage now.

Well that`s all for now. More will come soon I hope. Good luck to Chad and his piggies at the vet tomorrow.

Mr. Snuggles

Fuzzie Lumpkins

Princess Piggie!.jpg




Chad and Wife

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