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The Insider on Mawerick

Interview by : Morzan at : 00:00:23 21/06/2004

As many know, mawerick is a skilled player with a few first place finishes under his belt, and is still a new player. Get the Inside scoop on Mawe here!

I caught Mawerick online for the first time this weekend, and decided to interview him, surprised that he has not yet been interviewed, and curious about his history.

When and where did you start playing prom?

On valhall the November 2003 set with a minotaur.

Did anyone teach you or did you learn yourself?

In the beginning I was playing like pig.. I was onlinehitting, standard attacking, overhitting and used turns when I had 200 turns... I got fair enough net as well, but it wasn`t so good. Then in the Desember set I met LJ, and he was learning me a lot. The first he did was to learn me a good minotaur strat, after that I was a part of the "killing crew" to take out matrix, infidelz and SK420. After that LJ learned me mager strategies and gremlin. I have played A LOT with him, and he has learned me most of the things

What is your favorite strategy to play in?

I am known as a mager, so that`s what I am playing most of the time... but I like playing all strategies... Because I am always testing out new strategies...

Do you have any certain allies or concurrants?

hehe... Good question... I am mainly working together with LJ, West and the gang, Levi, Spiidni and peram. The last 3 have I learned up.
rivals... hmm... North maybe... he was stealing from me, and I won`t forget that so fast..

Any other Rivals?

hmm... There are people out there I don`t like because they are playing dirty or are jerks... Satan Helper is a guy that I always will kick the ass to. Because he is bigmouthed. Gondor is always taking lands without asking from me or my allies.
But I don`t have much enemies. If people have much cash, I will be hunting for that cash ;)if he is not an ally.

Do you have any future plans to clan up or anything of the sort? or is that confidential information? :D

I am usually not clanning up, because I am a net player. It`s too easy to get killed here... You are clanned. Then you are put into the warslot, and has unlimited hits on you... That`s too easy...

What is your favorite server at valhall to play? what do like and dislike about it?

Strategy and vintage are my favorites... In vintage you can`t FA wizards, and with 250 as max turns you must use your turns so effective as you can to do good... Strategy has 500 turns and you can do more there... But what I like about strategy is that it`s a good server where many participants are in. That`s make the game more fun. the sucky part of strategy is being clanned. You get unlimited hits on you... And the killing is so easy then... To be added on to strategy: More people, more different strategies :).

Is there anything else you would like to be known? the history of your name or any other information?
Mawerick is a nick that I used first time I joined irc for 8 years ago... so I have been using it since then.. .I don`t know where I had it from, but since everyone had MaVerick I had to take MaWerick.

Do you have anything else you want the valhallians to know about you?

not special actually. I like to be a person many don`t know much about. But I am a friendly guy, so if someone ask me about something, I will try to be as friendly as I can against that guy, even if he is my worst enemy. And i dont like to lose. therefore I am sometimes playing a bit unhonourablejust to sabotage my enemies ;)

interesting, well thanks for your time, hope you enjoyed youurself

yes, thanks to you, too:)

Well there you go folks, the mystery of Mawe is unraveled for the most part. Thanks for your time mawe, now everyone else can enjoy our interview.

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