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4th Day of Terror !!

Valhall Region by : Naled Tuaflore at : 04:20:13 11/06/2004

The Admin still seems to reign in Vintage due to his land net.

Once again I am here to report that the Admin account has regained first place in Vintage Server.

1 The Intimidator (#2) 39,318 $44,322,043 None

His exploration of land and net has not seemed to slowed over the past four days of terror. He is briefly overtaken in net by some fierce empires, but once again he has returned to his pearly pearch in top spot.

To read in forums, this topic has taken on a life of its own. Some are strongly against the Admin using his powers in such a way. Other have seemed to take it into the spirit of the game and have made it a challenge to pass the hard headed Admin.

So if your not in Vintage yet, you may want to sign up and put your 2 cents worth into the discussion.

It will be interesting to see where the Admin finishes in this barrage of argued craziness.

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