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Player Profile: Cheech

Interview by : Gondor at : 00:50:13 10/06/2004

The player known as Cheech has agreed to me interviewing him. Read about it here.

Well I became interested in Cheech and his gameplay so I sat down and asked him some questions...

Gondor: When did you start playing Promisance?

Cheech: About a year and a half ago

Gondor: Where at?

Cheech: QMT Promisance

Gondor: Which of the servers did you play on?

Cheech: The battle server, The Vintage, and the Beta

Gondor: Did you try out Epicurus?

Cheech: No, but I will start soon

Gondor: When did you start playing at Valhall?

Cheech: September last year on the old site.

Gondor: How well did you do on your first set?

Cheech: Not too good...that was back when I wasn`t very good at the game.

Gondor: I see, and I understand you are holding 3rd place in strat right now very impressive.

Cheech: Yeah, I am doing well.

Gondor: What do you think about North and his idea about the Battle of the Kings Tournament in September?

Cheech: It sounds awsome...I know I will be there.

Gondor: Ever put any thought into joining one of the four quadrants? North, South, East, or West?

Cheech: I haven`t put much thought into it, but if I were asked, I would most likely join.

Gondor: Cool, now, you are most known for being with the players Chong and Closer. What is your relation with them?

Cheech: We are friends and live close to eachother, so we clan up together.

Gondor: What are your plans for future sets?

Cheech: Well this will be my last set until school starts up again.

Gondor: What about the rumor that you and Chong may not be returning?

Cheech: Don`t fear, we will be back after summer.

Gondor: Well its good to hear.

Well I look forward to playing many more sets with them. Thats all folks.

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