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West's, empire is safe!

Interview by : at : 19:19:35 13/07/2003

I got a hold of West while he where sipping his tea, in his large castle over in Meppel, The Netherland.

When i sat down in his oversized chairs I fealt like he whenrent just the errand runner for Laios and Tanker but something more...

What Strategy is S&D using (in the mater of the on going war)?

"Well we only do what we think is best for the clan... So if that empire could turn out as a threat... We take him out!"

Where do you place your self whitin this war (you do think its war)?

"I see myself as part of it..."

Are you in favor of a real big clan war, or are you glad its just a smal scale war whit a few clans and individauls?

"I´m always in favor of a real big clan war... But I only do what the leader says..."

So you dont have any to say in thise maters?

"No, only that I think recistance is futile..."

What do you feel, are the Infidelz a real treth to S&D?

"HAHAHAHA... I am glad they are hear... Cause sometimes we fall asleep and we need someone to give us a tiny bump, so we wake up..."

So you think you have wake up then?

"No, cause they haven´t touched me yet... My leader and fellow members keep me sharp..."

You are aware over that two of your clam mates have been killed, bought Tanker (#142) and Colossus of Hydro-Chronic (#131)?

"Yes I am... and I find it funny they killed them instead of the ones with leading positions... Cause they are just players, who play for the good of the clan... The leaders, have to organise..."

So what you are saing you are just canonfodder?

"Indeed... But don´t forget that without the normal members, a clan sucks..."

Dosent you respect Infidelz for there courage in this war?

"My respect goes far behond their courage... I like it... Even better, I love it..."

But Infidelz consist of just managment, you stated that a clan sucked if they didnt have members, henze Infidelz suck you say?!

"Indeed they suck... But they try..."

Where do you see S&D are at in lets say 3 days, have they won the war?

"For sure..."

Alright I get in tutch whit you in 3 days and make another interview, to hear your point of view then, thanks!

"No problem... I´m looking out telling you the good news..."

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