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Admin Secures Top Spot

Valhall Region by : Naled Tuaflore at : 05:29:41 06/06/2004

It appears that the players can`t compete !!!

I logged in to see an awesome sight I felt I would share with all the Vintage players.

It appears that an Admin can out play any empire in Vintage. The Top Spot will go to the Admin, for the time being.

1 The Intimidator (#2) 21,332 $17,464,456

How very interesting. In my four plus years of playing I have never seen such an occurance after several days of play. But here it is in Valhall Vintage, an Admin leads the way with first place.

Does this mean the player base is Weak, or is the admin just hungry and hoggin all the land?

I am sure this will all play out in our glorious forums...

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