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Valhall Region by : Naled Tuaflore at : 18:33:49 05/06/2004

After the first five days of the set, lets take a look around and see what is going on.

We can start off by checking the Graveyard.
It appears that we started the set off quiet.
There are no kills and the Graveyard is filled with five suicidal souls.

North has brought the NQ clan to Strategy. NQ`s six members seem to be kind of quiet at the moment with only 299 offenses and 229 defenses. That is low in comparison to the FD-A clan. FD-A`s seven members have racked up 760 offenses and 669 defenses.

NQ is still holding the top average and total networth with FD-A next in line, TeAm V clan with its two members and N.E.R.D running with one member bring up the rear.

TeAm V and NQ have joined in an alliance. And
FD-A appears to be the only threat to NQ at the moment. The Strategy Server has been quiet the first five days. I feel the pressure building and the next five days should set the pace for the rest of the set.

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