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Addicted to Promisance

Valhall Region by : Naled Tuaflore at : 04:58:02 04/06/2004

I would like to share my application commentary with you all. "Addicted to Promisance" is how Promisance has affected me. I believe my words will be the truth for most of us. Enjoy !!

Promisance Addiction
written by: Naled Tuaflore

After several years of playing Promisance, I thought it would be a good time to see if other players are affected by the game the same way I am. So I have listed some ways Promisance affects my life, and thoughts.

Do you ever find yourself lying in bed at night thinking of your empires, what your plans are for the next turn run?
Wondering if you are going to survive thru the nite? Wondering if you will wake up to ruins or a beautiful gleaming empire that has not been touched when you return to login?

From the minute you start a turn run till you are done, does everything in the real world take a back seat? Do you ignore everyone around you with the sayings,

" Just a minute......... I am running turns."
" I`ll be done in a second....." or maybe a
"SHH I am trying to think........."

Have you spent time trying to tell someone what a great game it is, and trying to convince them just to try it once. But, they are just looking at you like your nuts over some dumb game.

Do you listen closer to words, on the radio, tv, titles, slogans etc., trying to find that perfect name for your empire next set?

Is your addiction so strong that you log on in hiding just to see whats going on?
Are you logging on at work, school, anywhere you can, even though you know nothing has changed since you logged on 15 minutes before?

Do you ever set your alarm just to wake up when no one is online? So you can relax and run your turns at a normal pace.....
Do you sit for hours waiting for land to build up, just to go to bed anyway without running your turns?

Do you remember when the first time you did a kill run?

Can we talk about the rush?
I can remember I actually broke a sweat and my pulse rate skyrocketed like I was truly pulling off a horrible deed. I remember after the empire was destroyed the feeling of relief I had. The rush left me just as quick as it had arrived. And thus I prayed for another 500 turns so I could do it again as soon as possible.

This great game lives along side life in the real world. I believe the game deals with alot of issues that affect us in everday life.
The bringing together of so many nationalities, attitudes, and different ways of life, makes us all grow in the real world.

Keep playing.

This has been my salute to Promisance and the players that make the game great.

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