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Valhall History Quiz V1.0

Valhall Region by : Justus at : 19:11:44 02/06/2004

Welcome to the Valhall History Quiz V1.0
How much do you know about Valhall and it`s history and players?
Make the test, and find out!

Answer the following questions, and send in the answers to me through a PM in the Forums.


1. Most of us know about the Kai`s, North, West & South are familiar. But who is the East Kai?
2. Which player claims to be the river of death, a bad judge and a Boogie King?
3. The person who is also known as "Frode Garnes".
4. Which person has been in charge of the awards back at QMT and later at Valhall?
5. Which player has won the Valhall Strategy set of December 2003 under the name RelinQuiSh? (Forum Name)
6. Which `Helper` only helped to delete posts at the Forums?
7. Who was the first well known woman, who has also been in charge of the Introduction Forum for a while?
8. What is the name of the novel who will never become a veteran due his name?
9. Who is famous for his standard attacks and poems?
10. Who is the only "Semi-admin" at Valhall Promisance?
11. What is the Forum name of the person who ended 8th in the December 2002 set of our (old) Strategy server?
12. Who "Remains a free man" according to one of the Infidel Millenars players?
13. Who was the first player to be interviewed by the VT?
14. Who is the fourth reporter to be displayed at the Stafflist? (Not Gamecontacts!)
15. Which ZAP! player was also part of Operation `X`?
16. Which player has declared to be a bit Schizofrenic, and had a second Forum account based on Gundam Wing caracter?
17. Which King has an expensive look on things?
18. Who clames in his 50th post that Tiax is quite a nice person when you get to know him better?
19. Who was the original calc-tester of Valhall Promisance?
20. Which player has ones claimed that the `Elf` owns and that he has won a set with it on QMT Turbo?


21. After which clan was Valhall named be for the name was changed to Valhall?
22. Which clan has won most sets at the old Strategy server? (full name)
23. Which was the fullname of the clan S&D?
24. Which clan did North & Lawrencius lead together originally? (Full name)
25. Which clan was called after a small country in Africa?

General Knowledge:

26. Who wrote the original Promisance code?
27. Finish this sentence: "The more people you successfully attack and the stronger the people you break ..."
28. Under which option can this be found? "This way you can follow up on thats happening. Come with inputs or suggestions."
29. How big is the percentage of the commision the market keeps over your sold goods?
30. "You have one month of game time to make your fortune." Is the discription of which game?

The answers can be sent to me at the Forums in a PM. Send them over to `North`.

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