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Another set gone

Valhall Region by : Dragon at : 18:47:19 01/06/2004

Here we are, June first, as the new set begins. Things are going to start heating up quickly. But first, we must pay tribute to those that conquered our past set.


One of our more popular servers, strategy was riddled with war this set. Dragon managed to garner thirteen kills in the first two weeks before uDu of ZAP! took down the "Warlord of Blood".

In the end, Mawerick came out on top, for the third set in a row, this time with over $3B networth. In second and third were Levi and Naled Tuaflore who both had over $2B networth. In fourth was North with just under $2B networth, followed by West in fifth with just over a billion networth.

The rest of the top ten was made up by Spiidni, Seth, peram, Darkling Master, and Alfred aka Llamaland.

Not a very exciting set it seems. It is almost as though people are drifting away from the server. The latter half of the top ten this set was almost entirely in protection.

1 Forbanna folk som killer meg(#331) 116,611 $196,459,777 Drow Future 461(98.92%) 9(0.00%) 3 1,887

2 This is not humanity(#287) 137,280 $455,986,146 Drow Past 1084(92.80%) 346(15.32%) 3 1,091

3 Queen of Damned(#340) 19,286 $26,923,265 Ent Past 534(97.00%) 248(15.32%) 2 613

4 Dragon(#361) 3,772 $3,483,113 Drow Past 20(100.00%) 11(0.00%) 1 404

5 gotcha(#349) 1,551 $12,233,966 Drow Past 168(95.83%) 96(5.21%) 0 161

In first was Mawerick, second was Levi, third was NameLess, and fourth was Secrets of the Dead aka Dragon.

Never the most popular server, but now steadily gaining more popularity. The record for networth here was once only in the 300s. Now is stands at over a billion, which is held by Mawerick. This set, he once again got first but only with $900M networth. Following Maw came Penta, North, Levi, Naled Tuaflore, Chad, Lord Corwin, The Shadows, "Casanova", and "Twinkie".

The only questiona to ask now are how long can Mawerick dominate ValHall? How long until the players rise against him? Perhaps we should all use some of his ideas in our quests to become the most powerful player in ValHall.

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