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It seems like war!

Valhall Region by : penta at : 22:39:07 25/05/2004

The two biggest clans in Vintage are haveing a good beating at each other.

The clan `Last call` apeared on the scorboard two days a go. Last night It whent to war whit U SUCK.

`Last Call` had a go at Gondor and EoA. They had them down to about 1000 acars when bought sudden came online. As you can imagin they bought managed to hold their defences a while. But At first EoA had to fall in and watch his empire fall to the ground. Then some time later Gondor fell. Also Something New had to give in at one point.

The strange thing is that U SUCK that seems to have beaten down the offenders real quick. Have taken the whole thing calmly and just netting for them self, seeming to not have the fighting speed in them anymore. They are down to 5 empires out of 8 originale.

As we talk the war is going on and `Last Call` is taking down Grom Hellsream. He is likly to fall at any moment.

The fights continues, will U SUCK fight back and bring this home too...

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