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Coffee with North

Interview by : Naled Tuaflore at : 20:17:09 23/05/2004

I had some time to sit with North as I had my morning coffee. So I decided to share our conversation with you all. Let`s see what our friend North is up to.

North, for some of us that may not know who you are. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well I am North, one of the four Kai`s.
I started to play Promisance about 2 and a halve year ago. I started of at QM Classic, Stix and West showed me the game.

First I had several names such as `Terrorial`, `The Matrix`, and `Neo`. I played a lot at school since I had no internet at home these days, I was quite addicted and often spend a few extra hours there.

South noticed me playing it and got interested, he and some others started to play as well. We were all kind of fond of DragonballZ. In the world of Dragonball Z you have 4 Quadrants led by 4 Kai`s. I came up with the idea to make 4 clans led by the 4 of us. That`s where the 4 Kai`s came from.

So the North, South, East, and West empires, were at one time allies?

The entire story can be found at:

I wrote it all down ones to clear it all up.

How active are you at Valhall at the moment?

I am quite active as a player. But at the moment I don`t have any functions at Valhall. I am a freelance organizer.

But you have had functions before?

I have had multiple functions in the past. I have been moderator, developer, tester, VT Manager almost everything you can imagine. I have been working with SmashZ a lot, we have made many changes to the game together.

After a while we decided to combine all of my functions in to one new function `Manager`. But with the reorganizing of the staff, the `Manager` position got split up again. There have also been made a few mistakes, a few problems occured, and I decided to take a little break.

When I came back I decided I didn`t fit in the Valhall staff anymore, and I decided to step back.

My part was done, my contribution was fulfilled. So I asked for my removal.

Is that why you stepped down from the VT also? I noticed your last action at Valhall Times was to hire some reporters. I proudly being one of them.

I stopped all of my functions, Forum, VT and development. But of course I am still involved in alot of things. The VT wasn`t running too smoothly, and there were some good reporters with potential such as yourself.

I wanted to leave a decent VT, with decent activity, so I hired 3 new reporters. The VT is now Dragons duty, he can decide or they have contributed enough to stay. I think the VT is running quite smoothly lately, with the new reporters.

So you are playing ?

Yes I play.
My Strategy account is `Master ruler. Emperor` this set. See the connection with `Mr.E`? There is always a connection between my empire names. You might be able to figure out my Vintage account as well. I won`t give all away.

I have played many races, have been in many clans and have lead many clans. I also do a lot of Training, the people I train are called `The Northern Players`.

You might know some of them Relic, Dragon, Center of the Center and a few others.

So North if you had to name 3 of your top enemies and 3 top allies. Who would they be?

Hmz, that is a pretty hard question.

I have people I love to work with and people I never work with. West is usually my biggest concurrent. He is a very strong opponent and a good player, although he is a little loudmouthed.

In the early days we played alot together, and
we were quite equal. He has grown out to a great player, probably better than myself. He works with other strong players, and I don`t like to join the strong, winning side.

He and Scorpion are two of the people I never work with. But Scorpion I don`t see as a `real` Rival. Killaz is also a guy I never work with. He has once betrayed me, and I find trust very important in clans and teamplay.

Then of course the 2 other Kai`s are strong rivals. Chad with his leader capacities, and South with his indy skills, and war capacities.
I think the 3 Kai`s are my biggest concurrents. Archmage & Caesar were important rivals as well.

Like I said I have a few trainees, those are all good people to work with. All talented players. I like to work with Dragon, Relic, Center of the Center.

Geist is a favorite as well, although he isn`t a Northern player. Geist is a good member, who works really hard, but also has good leader capacities. Miz Angel, and uDu from Zap! are great aswell. All the people I worked with at Operation `X` were great. The Matrix was full with talented and honorable players. I enjoyed working with them.

Do you have that one empire that just seems to despise you?

I think many people don`t like me. At least I always seem to be the target.

If I start a clan there always pops up an opposite clan who wars us immediately. But I think everyone who is known in the Promisance world has that problem. People like to fight with, well veterans, if I may say so.

Some are asking for code changes in Strategy. Do you really think that is necessary?

Well, to be honest I never really liked the changes on the new site. The `Battle-Strategy-Vintage-Beta` system was great for me. Strategy might need some more balancing, magers are still very strong. I always thought that making labour
count for the mana production would be a good option. That way the 100% Magetower tactic becomes harder to use.

But I still enjoy playing Strategy alot, but I sometimes miss the old days. The last couple of sets became quite boring in my eyes. There isn`t as much resistance as in the old days. That might be because we all became a bit better. But I would like to see some old guys back. That`s why I am organizing `The Battle of the Kings Tournament`.

So what exactly is `The Battle of the Kings Tournament`?

Well it is an initiative to get all of the old guys back to play. It will be a bit old school with the old battle code (No labour, water, Clan Treasury or fancy races) and 2 turns per 5 minutes 500 max (200) stored.

3 Worlds of Promisance together, and I try to get many old veterans back to play, I hope the Legends will return. So far all the responses were quite positive.

Kind of like Vintage?

A bit like Vintage indeed, a combination between the current Strategy and Vintage, but also a combination between Valhall, QMT & Zap!. Zap! is really enthusiastic, and QMT tolerates some advertisement as well. I think the encounter of these 3 worlds, and the return of some old players will blow some new life in to the world
of Promisance. I want to play at least one real set, a tribute to Promisance. And if it is a
success perhaps make it a yearly event. I also have an idea for the March set.

What server would host this game?

SmashZ offered to arrange a server. But I think Zap! will have an inlogpage as well. I will keep everybody up to date for more information.

So you said you have another idea concerning the March set. What is that idea?

I have some ideas for a Clan Tournament in March.
So we have 2 main events per year. The plans are not complete yet, but I have some ideas.
In March we might have a tournament where clans can sign up. Every clan would need at least 5 players, and only the clans will be able to play.
Everybody will be clanned and fight towards the other clans. I hope to see a lot of clans return such as ZAP!, AS, The 4 Quads & AngelZ.

But first we have the Battle of the Kings Tournament. I might have quit the Valhall Crew for a while now, but I am still filled with ideas. So I hope I can contribute in another way to the world of Promisance. And still have a meaning to it. I have had a lot of fun as player.
And many people have worked hard to give us that pleasure. So I try and give others some pleasure as well. As a repay for the pleasure I had, and still have. I still meet new people all the time, and sometimes get to know some a little more about them, have discussions about things other then just Promisance.

I find it very interesting to learn about other cultures, and to see other visions. Especially
since Valhall is so international.

Do you think that the Strategy game suffers due to code or have empires just figured out
the code to well?

I think the Strategy game is still very nice. The tactics got a little more advanced. And many people teach each other. Perhaps we should change the code a little once in a while. To open new possibility`s. But we have only one coder, who has a very busy private life as well.

We already have to let many ideas go. I made some plans for new games as well. But it all takes a lot of time. I once designed a Valhall Stock market with players on it. Influenced based on awards, set winning, wars etc. they get bonusses and minusses. Other people can buy and sell their
stocks, which influences the worth of it. But their simply isn`t enough time to work it
all out. But the idea is still there. Just like South made a great in game layout, but it costs way too much time to alter the code for it. We all have to work with volunteers.

Well isn`t it true that too much change affects the game in a negative manner?

It is hard to keep the game balanced. Small changes might influence the game alot.
Especially when it comes to the worth of grains and money. It is hard to balance it all out, and
I think there isn`t a perfect balance between it all. But we have it quite balanced at the moment. Like I said the Mage is a little strong.

The labour influenced the game a lot. But it is logical, and a nice Add-on. The strategies have changed because of it, except for the mage strategy.

Well don`t good players unbalance any code quickly with changes in strategies?

Unbalance, is not the word I would use.

Well don`t good players find a way to take advantage of any code?

They try and make a strategy which works with the code. Playing promisance is all about taking advantages of the code, that is the game. Making a strategy which works well. Abusing the code is something else. If there are mistakes in the code, or so called bugs we will try to find and fix them.

I can remember when clans ruled the top ten. The advantage now is purely to be an independent.
Do you think the lack of strong clans in Strategy are due to coding or players warring all the time?

I have seen this problem, and thought about it.
It is the difference in the ideas `about fun` which does this.

Clans like Zap! are great strategists who co-operate very good. But because of Killer clans they don`t stand a good chance. Some people like to kill with clans, others like to net gain. The kill code at Valhall is quite easy, all it requires is one break point, and turns. And because the turn rate is quite high at Valhall killing is quite easy. That is why the game was called `Battle` before. And we had a server for `Strategy` but with the disappearance of the old `Strategy` and the appearance of `Battlefield` we changed the names. The kill- and attack code is still quite similar to the QM classic code. But because of the high turn rate killing becomes quite easy. The code was never changed. So perhaps there has to be find a new way to kill. Or we should just accept that net gain clans aren`t at the right place in Strategy.

What do you think would happen if the strongest clans in Strategy formed up to create a beating on Independents?

Almost impossible to kill because of the hit limit. I experienced clans turning against my independent empire. They can harm you, especially as mager. But can`t kill you. If you don`t get the chance to spend turns it is possible.

But to just keep them from netting wouldn’t that be easy?

Easy it is not. Independent playing is quite safe. I think there should be a new hit limit system, which makes a difference between magic assaults and attacks. because sometimes high land mage empires get embezzled till the hit limit. Which blocks the land. So I think there should be different limits for all spells, or for spells in general and attacks in general.


Well that is about all the time I have for today.

North, It has been a pleasure
having my coffee, and talking
with you this morning.

Thanks for the chat.

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