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some poems

Poems and Prose by : Morzan at : 04:33:30 17/05/2004

heres two poems, I (morzan) wrote...

Rags to Riches
riches to rags, rags to riches
his shattered heart, emotional stichces.
fresh out of college, a young happy man
not a penny in hand, from the start
but he had the purest gold heart
friends were plentyful, heaven sent
his only problem was paying the rent
the most naive and innocent man alive
yet greed infected his thoughts, like bees in a hive
his friends took the fall, and he stole it all,
a rich man he became
businessmen revered his name,
but not the person! he was hated
but all the money, he was elated
saturday nights alone,
his thoughts of a different tone
money was all he could comprehend
but the end, it took its toll
in his mansion his mind grew old
in the short run he had gain
in the long run he had pain
no wife, no kids, no friends NO NOTHING
the agony was great, all he had left was hate
the man who gave it all for cash,
the wounds on his heart are brash,
the money went to charity, a last willfill deed.
the thoughts in his consience he did heed.
his life had gone completley south
as he put the gun into his mouth....
was he rich in the begining, or rich at the end,
that is for you to find, my friend.

Immodesty, and incongruency,
they go hand in hand
you think high of yourself and
nothing fits together for you
such a beutiful exterior, too
you change who you are on the outside,
to hide the in, which had long since died
a veil of conformity and fear
though all it brings is the shed of a tear
when your alone, you let it all go
but in the face of the crowd
its like a big theature show
and your the main event
for ridicule, by those you fought so hard to please
as the sadness spreads, a carnal disease.

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