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Tree, Flame, Wall, Dream.

Poems and Prose by : penta at : 12:53:07 16/05/2004

Here is a lil poem from Stix. It have been shown in forums, but now it gets its space in the paper.

Shadow is near, run.
Cold, so cold, branches scratch your body.
Don`t trip, it`s coming, don`t stop.
Shadow is near, run.

Fire surrounds you, cold.
Eyes spy you, burning.
Hands roam in the light, dark light.
Fire surrounds you, cold.

Orange, red, black, pictures on the wall.
Black, red, pictures on the wall
Red, pictures on the wall
Red blood, blood on the wall, run.

Haunting the Tree.
Haunting the Flame.
Haunting the Wall.
Haunting the Dream, wake up.

(A Stix Production, best read fast, note the ,`s)

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