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The Real Gamemaster

Interview by : Dragon at : 06:53:21 14/05/2004

Our beloved Gamemaster. Great player, leader of AllSquare, military genius, beloved Admin.

But there is a dark side to Gamemaster. I will bravely delve into the myster that is...


I managed to catch up with fellow moderator Mawerick and asked him a few questions about Gamemaster.

Where were you when you first saw Gamemaster doing it?

When he ran after that guy who he caught trying to steal his car.

What did you first think when you saw it?

I didn`t believe my own eyes... But when I realized that it wasn`t something wrong with my eyes, I started to laugh...

Did you think to call someone, like the police?

No, I just saw the situation as a funny episode...

You weren`t worried for public safety?


Why not? There was mass hysteria.

I really don`t know why actually...

Do you know where he got the stuff?

No idea... Maybe bought on postorder... Or stole them from his mother...

Do you think he does it a lot?

That depends on why he is doing it maybe...

Do you have any ideas as to why he might be doing it?

Because he likes it. Maybe because he is feminine... too feminine...

Well, that`s all I could get for now. More will come later...

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