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Peace Dominates Vintage

Valhall Region by : penta at : 12:41:40 08/05/2004

Time to take a deep look in to the realms of Valhall Vintage.

There have been little killing and overhitting, few empires have been hit to limit and even fewer have been killed.

There are three clans and they seem to have entred an alliance that makes them not over hit each other.

  1. United Tribes of Djibouti (DJ)
  2. Us Stoners United Can KILL (U SUCK)
  3. Axis of Evil (AoE)
DJ has 9 members and is in top of clan rank; U SUCK is in second with 7. In third we find AoE with just 3 members.

At the moment the three first spots in vintage are owned by DJ. They all are within reach and are some landfat. U SUCK is also represented by three empires in top 10. AoE has the 5th position.

DJ have a good ballance between races and have all types covered. With 3 magers, 3 indyes, 2 cashers and 1 grainer.
U SUCK has a overweight in indyes whit 3 and 1 casher, one farmer and two magers.
AoE has as good they can covered their bases whit one casher, one mage and one indy.
But one thing they all have in common, they all have selected the dark races; like Drow, Minotaur, Dwarf and Goblin.

Still, even if we ahve the three clans, vintage is dominated by clanless empires. With a 35% clans it leaves it to 65% FreeLancers.

There is three empires in top 10. And 8 empires in protection/vacation.

There are mostly empires in past, 54 of them. None in present, and 3 in Future. So that leaves it to none casher strats and a few indy strats and some or moust just staying in past.


  • Humans -> 3

  • Elf -> 8

  • Dwarf -> 1

  • Troll -> 3

  • Gnome -> 7

  • Gremlin -> 7

  • Orc -> 1

  • Drow -> 14

  • Goblin -> 1

  • Orge -> 0

  • Hobbit -> 1

  • Kobold -> 0

  • Minotaur -> 5

So with the races we round off this little look over at Vintage.

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